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 Private Sessions
 Interior Design/Feng Shui Consultation
Music & Meditation classes integrate Relaxation Response, 
guided imagery, and breath work to relax and experience 
altered states of consciousness. Tap into your higher self 
for guidance about your spiritual growth. The next class
 time and place - to be announced. 

Walking Meditation is another form of Mindfulness meditation. 
Using Qigong breathing and walking techniques, it helps you
become grounded, centered and present to wherever you are.

​Being grounded and centered is the foundation for beautiful life.
THE CENTER - RVA is a center for spiritual growth offering:

Carole Louie discovered Past Life Regression (PLR) when she had spontaneous memories
and realized that many of her fears and challenges in this life originated in previous lives.
For many years, she focused on researching the concept of reincarnation and working on 
her issues.  At the same time, Carole accepted her ability to communicate with spirits, and
trained with Sanaya Roman/Orin (author of Living with Joy) & Duanne Parker/DaBen
in their "Awakening the Light Body" course. She trained in Past Life Regression Therapy at The Weiss Institute (Brian Weiss, M.D., author of Many Lives, Many Masters), Carol Bowman (author of Children's Past Lives and Return From Heaven). Carole trained as a Master Hypnotherapist and Spirit Releasement Therapist at HCH Institute.

Carole synergizes what she has learned in her research about reincarnation and her Past Life Regression Therapy training with her mediumship training into Advanced Regression Therapy (ART). The session is guided by the client's Soul and includes journeying to the past of this life or another life to release fears or blocks linked to the past of this life and/or a previous life. The journey can enhance talents and abilities from past lives that will help this life and help you understand relationships from a Soul perspective and align with your Soul purpose. When we embrace our Soul purpose to co-create our lives in harmony with our Soul and the Universe, we become passionate artists of our lives, unique expressions of the Divine.

Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT) is specialized to work with spirit/energy attachments. It is different from an exorcism. Rather than "casting out demons," SRT assists the entity to choose a better way that does not harm another human and empowers the subject to understand the connection with the entity for healing. It is a conceptual framework that includes NDE (near death experience), OBE (out of body experience), PLRT (past life regression therapy), channeling in an altered state of consciousness, rituals for protecting and releasing, dreamwork, paranormal research, alchemical energy work, storytelling and/or metaphor.

Reading $100/hour; Spiritual Consultation $100/hour; ART or SRT sessions $100/1 hour session, $200/2 hour session or $300/3 hour session. ART or SRT packages 5 sessions/$425. Sessions are available in-person or on Zoom. With your permission, Carole will record the session and send you an mp3 recording of your session. 
Once a designer, always a designer, but not your ordinary designer.

"Even though I have retired from Interior Design, my clients continue to ask me to help them with their design needs. 

"Lately, I've noticed many folks are 'stuck' when it comes to selling a home or finding a new one, and that's where my expertise in Interior Design and Feng Shui can help. 

"Even though I have studied many schools of Feng Shui, my practice is very much influenced by the same principles that guided my ancestors, Yangshi Lei, the architects/designers for the Qing dynasty emperors. 

Interior Design, Feng Shui, Space Clearing, De-clutter Consultations $150/hour.
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Carole Louie's stories and books.
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