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2022 Reincarnation Symposium
Thank you to everyone who joined us IN-PERSON & ON-LINE for the 2022 Reincarnation Symposium. To learn more about reincarnation and the latest news about events, join our Private Facebook Group: Reincarnation Symposium for discussions and more.
In-Person Space is limited. 

Contact me at 804-481-5555 or carolelouie5555@gmail if you have a problem ordering your pass in the Store.

Dianne Seaman Poitier unexpectedly began her career in the field of Regression Therapy through a reluctant “crossing of the threshold.” Not even believing in reincarnation, spontaneous past life memories and emotions erupted in her late twenties. An honors student with a background in biology and psychology from Albright College, she treated this phenomenon of multi-dimensional awareness as a scientist, observing and recording her experiences. As a certified Regression Therapist, Dianne has led workshops at national regression therapy conferences, Jungian Psychology organizations, and online. She also serves clients using psychological astrology and has researched the links among astrology, past life therapy and quantum physics. Dianne’s upcoming book, Slaying Dragons on Peachtree Street, is a true story reveals the complex ways a past life echoes through and informs the present. Her writing and presentations, Dianne emphasizes the importance of self-knowledge, encouraging people to trust their own experiences and awakening to deeper truths within themselves. For more information, go to:

Joanne DiMaggio, MA, CHt, is an internationally recognized Researcher, Teacher, Author, and Past-Life Therapist. She has published six books and hundreds of magazine articles for both mainstream and esoteric audiences. Since 1987, Joanne has spent years researching and working on her own past lives, coupled with her experience as the director of her own past-life research organization. She gives clients the comfort of knowing they are working with someone who has firsthand knowledge of the emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual experience a past-life journey entails. She eventually combined her passion for Soul Writing™ with her knowledge of reincarnation and today is considered a respected expert in both fields. Joanne considers herself a “Reporter for the Universe.” Being able to research, understand, and share the richness of esoteric topics like Past Life exploration and Soul Writing™ in a practical, healing way is a core part of her spiritual DNA and purpose in this lifetime! For more information, go to

Carol Bowman, M.S. is an internationally known author, lecturer, counselor, past life regression therapist, and pioneer in reincarnation studies. Carol has been a practicing past life regression therapist for adults for thirty years. She is a graduate of Simmons College in Boston. She studied with the pioneers in the field of past life regression and holds an M.S. in Counseling from Villanova University. Her books, Children’s Past Lives and Return from Heaven are now classics in the reincarnation field and have been published and read around the world in twenty-two foreign editions. Children’s Past Lives is the first non-academic book to explore the phenomenon of children’s spontaneous past life memories. Return from Heaven expands the research to cases of reincarnation within the same family. She has appeared as a reincarnation expert on Oprah, Good Morning America, The Katie Show, Unsolved Mysteries, A&E, Discovery Channel, ABC Primetime, and the BBC in England. For more information, go to

Chase Bowman was five years old in 1988, when he first expressed a phobia of loud booming sounds. After talking about his traumatic death as a soldier on a battlefield, his phobia went away, as did a chronic eczema on his wrist, where he said he was shot in that battle. His emotional and physical healings led his mother, Carol Bowman, to begin researching children’s past life memories, and the healing potential of these memories in children. Chase will share his insights about his early past life memories and how they have influenced him throughout his life. Chase shared his story on several TV shows, including “Oprah.” He graduated from Temple University with a degree in film and new media and has been a Director of Photography for film for almost twenty years. He is also developing new applications for Augmented Reality (AR) and is starting his own tech company. Chase now resides in Prague, Czech Republic, but continues to work in film in the U.S. 

Adam Dince is a certified hypnotherapist (iNLP Center and International Hypnosis Federation) that specializes in regressing clients back to memories and experiences in their present life and past lives. In his book Back to the Beyond, Adam introduces us to a new hypnotherapy modality he calls near-death experience (NDE) regression. In her endorsement of Adam’s book, Anita Moorjani wrote, “Adam’s stunning research in Back to the Beyond using hypnotic regression with near-death experiencers makes a noteworthy contribution to what happens to us after our physical body dies. Brilliant and compelling insights. This is must-read.” Adam is also a Usui Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Rose Healer, Sacred Medicine Man, Certified Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, and spiritual advisor who resides in Stillwater, Minnesota. His new course teaches you about sacred rose healing (a Mexican Shamanic healing tradition). Sacred Rose Healing is an incredibly unique modality of energy healing. For more information, go to 

Patricia Walsh’s spiritual journey has been life-long, including collaborating with her “inner teachers” in her late teens. Through her early years, she studied the works of Alice Bailey and different forms of Transpersonal Psychology. Patricia apprenticed with a Shamanic healer since 1997 in a unique one on one teaching. She immersed herself in past life regression work studying with one of the pioneers of regression as a therapy, Dr. Roger Woolger (Other Lives, Other Selves), and then became the Chief Trainer for the Deep Memory Process ® program in the U.S. in 2003. Influenced by Jeff Wolf Green’s book Pluto the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, she studied with Green and graduated as an Evolutionary Astrologer. Patricia delved into a complete view of the soul and its evolution, and karmic conditions in astrology. She shares her research in Regression Therapy and Evolutionary Astrology in her book Understanding Karmic Complexes. For more information, go to 

Layla Moon was highly intuitive and sensitive to energies and vibrations as a child. She remembers hearing and talking to Spirits, seeing them with the corner of her eyes, and feeling them. It was scary for her as a child, as Layla realized that no one else in her family or circle of friends could see and hear what she did. Today, Layla proudly calls herself a Divine Light Medium & Lightworker, Certified Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Certified Shamanic Arts Practitioner, Spiritual Guide, Certified Tarot Reader & Psychic, Certified Hypnotist, and Regression Therapist. Her Soul Purpose is to spiritually help and support people in their healing journey, give guidance, empower, and infuse them with love and light. At times, she is called to remove energetic and emotional blockages, overcome fears, and limiting beliefs. Layla helps people discover and align to their purpose by serving as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual world. For more information, go to

Carole Louie is a Soul Medium and Advanced Regression Therapist, author, and Director of The Center-RVA. Carole discovered that healing could happen beyond the grave when her father’s spirit came to her to resolve unfinished business. He became her guide on the other side and inspired her to discover her Chinese heritage and learn about the beliefs in reincarnation. Her interest in regression therapy began for personal reasons to deal with flashbacks and PTSD. Her passion for past life regression kickstarted when she remembered talents from other lives and the karmic connection to her ancestors. Her reincarnation research and past life regression therapy and hypnotherapy training adds another level of awareness to her skills as a medium. Carole shares her journey of accepting her gifts, remembering her past lives, and discovering her soul purpose in her books: Conversations with a Hungry Ghost: Memoir of a Reluctant Medium and Unstuck in Time: Memoir of a Time Traveler. For more information, go to or