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2020 Reincarnation Symposium
Mark your calendar and join us for a day of exploration four Past Life Regression Therapists who integrate other modalities into their practice. Each practitioner will offer experiential exercises to help you fully immerse yourself to the reincarnation experience. 

Why do we incarnate? 
Do we reunite with loved ones… or enemies from another life time?
Why don’t we remember?
What happens when we do remember?
What is our purpose in life?

Explore four thought provoking points of view about reincarnation with Past Life Regression Therapists who add their unique twists to the process.
A RESEARCHER: Joanne DiMaggio
A HEALER: Rev. Lisa C. Marks
A SHAMAN: Cristina Bolivar
A MYSTIC: Carole Louie

GOOD KARMA Tickets are now available for $75 until Sept. 9th via Eventbrite at
For more information, contact Carole Louie at or text/call 804-481-5555.
Click on the photos below to view a video about each practitioner.