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Carole Louie, Founder
Carole Louie is a gifted Medium, Past Life Regression Therapist, Intuitive Development Mentor, Meditation Facilitator and Author. Louie has studied these modalities for thirty-years with internationally known teachers: Sanaya Roman, Tich Nhat Hahn, Brian Weiss, M.D., Carol Bowman, and HCH Institute. For more information about Carole, go to

Louie is also an award-winning interior designer with over forty-years experience in interior design and feng shui. Ask Carole about the process of decorating your home to support your spiritual growth. 


THE CENTER-RVA is a center for spiritual growth based in Richmond, VA (RVA)
We believe everyone is on a spiritual path toward a relationship with the Universe/Creator. 
We provide a sacred space to honor and explore one’s spiritual journey. We offer meditation, private sessions, classes, workshops, and gatherings to empower you on your path.

Unconditional love i and becoming centered into the energy of unconditional love s our guiding principle. We openly explore traditional and non-traditional ideas as we seek harmony within and without. We believe these principles help us evolve as enlightened human beings in an ever-changing and amazing world.
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When I began meditating, I'll admit that my mind jumped from one thing to another. My meditation teacher gave me the symbol, which I use for THE CENTER-RVA, to use as a way to focus. 
It is similar to using a mantra, a word or sound used to aid concentration during meditation. As a designer, I relate to visuals, so this is a powerful image for me. The act of sketching and focusing on the image was comparable to saying the word "Om," a universal sound to represent all of consciousness.

I learned from my meditation practice that wherever I go, whatever I am doing in my life, when I am centered and grounded, I am present to the moment. I am in touch with my intuition and make better choices. When I do not feel centered and grounded, I know it is time to stop and go within. It sounds so simple, but it took years to be able to put into practice, to live meditatively.

So, when I say "Always come back to THE CENTER," I mean to come back to the center - the energy of unconditional love - within you. 

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